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By Coach Allison, INHC in the August 2016 Issue

01-8-ways-to-hate-junk-food-junkMost of us learn about nutrition from marketing materials – commercials, package markings, and testimonials from professional athletes.  Marketing has just one goal, and that is to make money.  The claims on the foodstuff packages are mostly misleading. When you see a box of sugar cereal that says “vitamin fortified,” you are led to believe this is a healthier option than other sugar cereals.  However, the difference in the amounts of vitamins is minimal.  They are all processed foodstuffs that do not resemble anything that the mother nature grows.

If vitamins are what you want, you must eat real food.  Avoid junk.  People call it junk food, but it’s not food, it’s just junk.  Dejunk your diet.

Food is a lifestyle choice you make throughout the day, everyday of your life.  I really had no idea what a game changer it was until I nearly died.  Chemotherapy  damaged my digestive system severely, and I could not eat much of anything for a long time.  I had to find ways to obtain the most amount of nutrition in the smallest amount of food possible.  I had to learn to dejunk my diet.

Every cell in your body is made up of the food that you eat.  Food changes the way you feel, think, and move.  Out of all things that affect your balance and health, what you put in your body is one thing that is COMPLETELY in your control.  No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to eat that donut.  Your choice is entirely voluntary.  You select the building blocks for your body – quality material will build a quality vehicle to live your wonderful life.  And when your body is done, you are done.  Dejunk your diet, and your life will improve drastically in every aspect.

You may still think that you’re okay with your current food choices because it hasn’t killed you yet, because a healthy diet doesn’t taste good, because you think you’re unbreakable, because there are more important things that concern you, or because food isn’t associated with how you live your life.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Physical and mental illnesses, absenteeism at work, road rages, mass shootings in public places, and children born with special needs… these behavioral problems and physical challenges start with what goes inside their bodies.  Too many toxins and too few nutrients in our food is one of the major reasons.  The quality of the building material changes everything!  Your emotional and physical challenges can all improve greatly with a clean diet.  Food does food-kitchen-cutting-board-cookingmatter.  It affects your thoughts, emotions, actions, and judgment for better life-work balance.

Find joy in the real food that you eat.  Happiness is a big part of food, after all.  If food can’t make you happy, all is lost.  However, food is the fuel and nutrition for your survival.  THAT is the long-term happiness you deserve from food.  A healthy diet is absolutely scrumptious!  Honor your bio-individuality and eat what does YOUR body good.  Avocado is packed with good fats and nutrients, but if you are allergic to it, you obviously should not eat it.  Vegan, Paleo, high-protein, vegetarian, raw, Mediterranean, and so many other diets all have evidence-based facts as to why they are good diets.  However, they do not all work the same for everybody.  Only you know how you feel in your body, so be aware of your body’s responses and energy level.

My Diet Dejunk guidelines generally start with what to add to your current diet, not what to eliminate.  The goal is to crowd out the bad stuff with the good nutrients.  A long list of don’t-eat-this and don’t-eat-that does not help the wellbeing mentality.  If anything, it causes rebellion and repulsion.  Don’t give up before you start.  Think positively.  Health and balance is coming your way.  Be open to making alterations to your current Standard American diet (the SAD).  Start with the following:

  1. Drink fluoride-free filtered water

The common guideline is to drink eight cups a day, but this is the very minimum.  The appropriate amount of water depends on your body weight and the activity level.  Every mental and physical challenge (headache, burnout, metabolism, aches, frustration, anxiety, etc.) becomes worse when you are dehydrated.  Drink clean water to restore your body’s proper functions.  If you prefer to have flavor in your water, add freshly squeezed lemon juice (organic, of course).  It is extremely healing and detoxifying.  Decaffeinated herbal teas are okay.  All other forms of liquid (coffee, alcohol, sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices, “vitamin” beverages, etc.) are not recommended.  Avoid plastic bottled water if at all possible.  Add plenty of clean water to your diet, and you will end up crowding out these undesirable liquids.

Make sure that your water does not contain fluoride.  Contrary to the popular belief, fluoride is a carcinogen and neurotoxin.  Fluoride does NOT fight tooth decay (so switch to fluoride-free toothpaste), and it certainly does not have a place in our water.  Fluoride level in American tap water is around 2 to 5 parts per million (ppm).  Be sure to get a water filter that removes all the fluoride in your water.

  1. Add organic whole foods to your diet
Fresh vegetables from farmers market
Fresh vegetables from farmers market

Whole food means the unprocessed form that nature intended (example: eat an apple, not an apple pie).  Eat it the way it grew on a plant.  Don’t eat what was manufactured in a plant.  Make colorful vegetables your main portion of each meal.  Raw vegetables preserve the enzymes but all the fiber can be difficult to digest.  Lightly steaming (not microwaving!) is the best way to cook vegetables.  Eat fruits sparingly.  Crowd out the junk by filling your plate with the real food that nourishes you.

  1. Choose organic lean meats that are humanely raised and grass fed

This means the animals lived happy lives on their native diet and died humane deaths.  Many in the American food supply do not, and they have large amounts of stress hormones in their tissues (search for “factory farming” online for more information).  Choose organic, pasture raised meats and eggs that are free of growth hormones and antibiotics.  Animal protein should not be the main course of your meal.  Eat it sparingly.  If available in your area, I recommend organic bison for your red meat.  It is very tender and lean.

  1. Avoid sugar

I know this has been said before, but understand the importance of this repetition.  Sweets are not the happy foods that you think they are.

Don’t expect yourself to last long when you constantly load your body with sugar.  Sugar is inflammatory.  It suppresses the immune system, causes weight gain, raises the blood sugar level, stresses the liver, and gives you that awful mid-afternoon crash.  It is in all processed foodstuffs in the American food supply.  We live in a culture addicted to sugar.

For good reasons, too.  Sugar plays many different roles, starting from the earliest years of your life.  Sugar is celebration of happy occasions, award for finishing your vegetables, entertainment when you’re bored, a friend when you’re lonely, and consolation when the love of your life ditches you.  You collect many happy and comforting memories of sugar.  And yet nothing, I mean NOTHING, prompts more guilt and shame than sugar.

You may have already attempted to reduce sugar in your diet.  You wonder why it’s so hard to stay away from sugar.  Is it a character flaw?  Lack of will power?  You’re just not good enough to quit sugar, lose weight, and be healthy and happy?

Not so.  Those topics have nothing to do with your consumption of sugar.

Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.  Yes, really.  Eight times!  Sugar is the most powerful substance you will ever put in your body… unless you’ve had chemotherapy like I did.  Yet, sugar is everywhere and its use is completely unregulated.  This is why you, an intelligent rational thinker, reach out for sugar even when fully aware that sugar is not healthy.  An average American eats 150+ pounds of sugar every year.  We must stop this madness.  Lose the sugar addiction, and everything in your life will change for the better exponentially.

Recommendation for Your Diet Dejunk

Dejunking your diet is a challenging process.  Plus, losing your sugar addiction that is 8 times stronger than cocaine addiction will require all the extra effort you can make. My health and lifestyle coaching can help.  Join my Life-Work Balance M6 program and start taking action for your health and imageswellbeing.

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Meet Coach Allison, INHC

Coach Allison is a health and lifestyle coach certified in integrative nutrition and corporate wellness.  She’s also a TV host, bestselling author, professional speaker, and cancer survivor.

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