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Content Curator management Trainee
Job Description

The Content Management Trainee for ETM media you will work between two separate businesses ETM Media Network (website) and E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. You will be responsible for reviewing, scouting out and selecting good content for the Magazine and variety of Media Channels within the website. There are male and female writers for both these publications.
If you have the ability to recognize great writing, topics or events, if you have excellent understanding of what interest motivates and sustain the interest of a reader or website interaction, then you should apply.
As a trainee, you will be trained further on how to identify great content, contributors, talent and writers for ETM Media.
Content management is a broad category the most important skill is the ability to recognize good information or talent to create good information. This usually comes with the experience of sifting through great content form a number of sources or having a passion within a specific topic.
Your recommendations will be presented directly to the team and the assigned editor.