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By Terri Wildmann May 2017 Issue

By Terri Wildmann May 2017 Issue

At an event last night two like-minded retired senior Navy Officers – one in his late 70’s and another in his 50’s could not stop speaking when they found out about my upcoming leadership book, The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader, (Sept. 13th). It was as if a door was unlocked and they could speak freely without being judged.

You see, in the book, I dispel the mystery of merging the practical, tactical and logical with the intuitive, emotional, spiritual and physical sides of ourselves to provide whole leadership. It’s about listening to those images, those disembodied words one hears, and those goosebumps and innate knowing and recognizing that they are powerful messages. Instead of running away you run towards them, incorporate and work with the messages that come because they give you needed insights to complement the facts. Both sides are critical to solid decision making. Leaders throughout history refer to working with intuition to lead wholly and completely.

Yes, it’s time to get this message out and liberate those amazing leaders who already use these tools, and are too scared to admit it, because of the fear of being judged and labeled “not all there. ” In fact, they are the ones who are all there ….


so exciting!


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